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Specialized Finance and Analytics Training:

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At our specialized training center, we are dedicated to offering skill-based learning experiences uniquely tailored to the intricate world of finance and analytics. Our programs are meticulously customized to align with the specific requirements of these industries, ensuring that participants acquire practical, industry-relevant skills in finance, data analytics, and beyond. We are committed to equipping individuals with the precise competencies they need to excel in these fields, enhancing their confidence and readiness for real-world challenges. With our industry-focused approach, you can be confident that your training will be a valuable investment in your future success in finance and analytics

Our Programs

Duration: 1 Year
4 Days a week
2 hours everyday

Financial Analyst Deep Foundation Program

Duration: 3 months
Monday to Friday
2 Hours Everyday

Financial Modeling with Excel and Power BI

Duration: 5 months
Saturday & Sunday
3 Hours each day

CFA Level 1 and 2

Duration: 2 month
Weekdays or Weekends

Technical Analysis and Trading Systems

Duration: 2 months
Weekdays Afternoon sessions everyday

Business Accounting & Taxation

Duration: 50 Hours
Weekend Sessions

Business Automation with Microsoft Power Automate & Make

What student says about us ?

Concepts are not missed… learnt the latest… with vision of future

Harsh Agarwal

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