Business Accounting & Taxation

Master the Ledger, Lead the Field.


Accounting Skills: Your Bridge from Classroom to Boardroom.

Blend Accounting Wisdom with Tally Expertise.

Unlock the power of Tally, one of the world’s most popular accounting programs, with our comprehensive course. Designed for small business owners, accountants, and students, this course will equip you with the skills to manage your finances efficiently and make informed decisions.

Master the Basics and Beyond

Foundational Principles Learn essential accounting concepts like double-entry bookkeeping and financial statements, alongside navigating Tally’s user-friendly interface.
Market Valuation Methods for Stock Item: Discover the best practices for stock valuation.

Inventory Management

Part Number of Stock Item: Understand how to categorize stock items effectively.
Bill of Material (BOM): Get to grips with the essentials of material billing.
Stock Item Behavior: Master the traits and characteristics of various stock items

Financial Analysis

Cost Centre Analysis: Dive deep into the costs associated with different departments.
Cost Category Analysis: Understand the various categories of costs and how to manage them.
Statistics Analysis: Learn how to interpret financial statistics for better decision-making.

Statutory Compliance

GST Classification: Become proficient in Goods and Services Tax classifications.
TDS Nature of Payments: Understand the nature of Tax Deducted at Source payments.
TCS Nature of Goods: Learn about the Tax Collected at Source for various goods

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